NATIONAL CELEBRATIONIn order to promote and preserve the traditions of highland and nomadism, the Foundation for History and Culture "Javad Khan" has prepared a project called "National Yaylaq Festival ". In this regard, it is planned to hold a large-scale "National Yaylaq Festival".

Ashug contest(unical national songs); National dances (yalli, jangi); Folk songs; Live theatre, performances; Ancient folk games (ashig-ashig, diradoyma, chiling-aghaj, azaldaymaz, mollamindi); Yaylaq culinary examples (meals cooked over open fire, dovga, choban bughlama, kata fried on iron plate, kebabs etc.);

Trade fair of applied art samples trade fair (Ernie-baskets, mats, souvenirs, saddle, bridoon, etc.); Exhibition and contests of rams, gurdbasars (shepherd dogs) and local pacers(Yorgha horses); Trade fair of highland and specific agricultural goods (herbal pharmacy (curative plants of mountains)), wool, thick felt, honey, meat and milk products (motal and other cheese types); Presentation of culture and music by ethnic groups living in Azerbaijan (talishs, jews, avars, sahurs, lezgins) as demonstation of toleranse and multiculturalism in Azerbaijan.

A large-scale festive event (ethnographic, cultural and sport events) to be organized in summer.

The festival can be conventionally divided into three parts:

A) Cultural and Ethnographic part;
B) National Highland Sports;
C) Eco-Tourism.